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Looking for something unique and personalised?

You've come to the right place!

All commissioned artwork is created by me, Besiana Sinanaj (PhD, AFHEA), using my expertise in art, science and education. I cover two broad categories:


Scientific Illustration

For academic and non-academic researchers (including students and freelancers) who need diagrams and figures to explain their research findings, experimental procedures, literature reviews, opinion pieces and hypotheses. 

Fine Art and Design

For anyone with an idea or theme that they would like developed into an artistic creation such as a painting, an illustration for a book, a logo, a tattoo design, an infographic, promotional cover art and more.

'Why should I choose you over other artists?' 

'How much will it cost?'

These are usually the key questions on every potential client's mind, so let's start with them.

Why commission from me? Here are some good reasons. 

1.  I can make your ideas stand out through powerful compositions and vivid colour palettes

2.  I favour traditional art media that give my creations a unique and organic feel.

3.  I provide an honest and confidential service.

4.  I value your involvement in the creative process.



Have a browse at some examples of my work and find out more about the essence of my company. Bear in mind that I am a versatile artist and can adapt my style to suit your needs. If in doubt – let's chat!


How much do I charge per commission?

It depends on the nature of the art and who is requesting it. The 'nature' of the art basically means its size, the type of media used to make it and how detailed it is. All of these feed into the time needed to complete the commission. At the end of the day, time is money! My artist rate is £35/hour and below is a rough guide of the prices you can expect:

In terms of 'who' is requesting the artwork, I apply a 50% discount if you are a student, a researcher from a developing country, or a charitable organisation. Why? It ties in with my beliefs about the accessibility of science and art, as well as the motivation to do good in the world.


Again, please reach out to me for a friendly chat if you have a set budget and want to discuss options. We may be able to work something out! 

Finally, below are the steps you should expect when commissioning artwork from me. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the general process (it can be flexible) and get in touch when you're ready.

Step 1. Contact me by email at or speak to me in person.

I will need to know some basic information:

  • Type of commission you are interested in and short description of your idea. 

  • Proposed size and media (e.g. oil paints, pencil, ink...), if known.

  • Deadlines associated with commission.

Step 2. I will get back to you within ~48 hrs to let you know whether I accept your request.

If yes, I will arrange a 15-20 minute meeting with you in person or online to discuss specifics such as style, timeframe and payment.

Step 3. I will send you a contract to sign.

It will detail what we agreed on in the meeting, as well as legal parameters for both parties. It's not scary! It ensures that all aspects of the commission, including copyright and the cancellation policy, are clear.

Step 4. Once the contract is signed, work on the commission can begin. 

I will make one or more preliminary sketches and send them your way for approval and feedback. Another meeting at this stage can be arranged.

Step 5. I will create the final artwork and keep you updated on its progress.

Your input in making creative decisions along the way (e.g. on colour choice) may be required. Responding in a timely manner will ensure the artwork can be completed by the agreed deadline. 

Step 6. As soon as the artwork is complete and you are happy with it, I will send you an invoice.

Once I have received payment, I will send you the final electronic files of the artwork and/or the original piece, depending on the terms of the contract. 

Step 7. Enjoy the artwork!

Feel free to share it on social media and recommend me to family, friends and colleagues.

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