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Enjoy blog posts on a variety of topics, including the creative process behind Besiana's artwork.

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Please include the following basic information:

  1. Type of commission and a 2-3 sentence description of your idea. 

  2. Proposed size and media (e.g. oil paints, pencil, ink...), if known.

  3. Deadlines associated with commission.



'I want a painting of my boxer hound, Duke. He's an amazing dog! Full of energy and always chasing those pesky squirrels... He loves playing outside and I was thinking of having a painting of him playing in the snow. I want it in oil paints so I can frame it and hang it on my wall. Not too big – maybe about A3 in size? I don't have a deadline, but would prefer if it was finished in time for my birthday which is next month.' 

'I would like a scientific illustration (category A) for a grant proposal. The topic is the microbial community of chickpea and how it differs between leaves and roots. I want the illustration to show a whole plant with close-ups of the inside of the roots and leaves. I want it in colour. I am not sure what media is best – I will leave that up to you. The grant submission deadline is 31st December. Ideally, I would like the illustration finished at least two weeks before that.'


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These are usually the key questions on every potential client's mind, so let's start with them.

Why commission from me? Here are some good reasons. 

1.  I can make your ideas stand out through powerful compositions and vivid colour palettes

2.  I favour traditional art media that give my creations a unique and organic feel.

3.  I provide an honest and confidential service.

4.  I value your involvement in the creative process.



Have a browse at some examples of my work and find out more about the essence of my company. Bear in mind that I am a versatile artist and can adapt my style to suit your needs. If in doubt – let's chat!

How much do I charge per commission? It depends on the nature of the art and who is requesting it.


The 'nature' of the art basically means its size, the type of media used to make it and how detailed it is. All of these feed into the time needed to complete the commission. At the end of the day, time is money!


My artist rate is £35/hour.

As a rough guide:

An A4 size semi-detailed ink pen drawing can take 5 hours, costing £175.

A typical scientific illustration can take 5-15 hours, costing between £175 and £525.

An A3 size semi-detailed oil painting can take 10-20 hours, costing between £350 and £700.

A 100 x 80 cm detailed oil painting can take 145 hours, costing ~£5000.

In terms of 'who' is requesting the artwork, I apply a 50% discount if you are a student, a researcher from a developing country, a charity or a not-for-profit organisation.

Again, please reach out to me for a friendly chat if you have a set budget and want to discuss options. We may be able to work something out! 

BESIANA is a for profit company but with significant charity donations and expansion potential which makes this necessary 


A large discount is applied to students, researchers from developing countries, charities (non-for profit organisations) and small limited companies and businesses. Why? This ties in with our beliefs regarding the accessibility of science and art, as well as the drive to do good in the world.

There are many talented



All commissioned artwork is created by Besiana Sinanaj using her experience and expertise in art, science and education. We offer two categories:



Scientific Illustration

Fine Art


5 reasons why you should choose BESIANA to commission scientific diagrams.

- Honesty and confidentiality from the start. If we cannot fulfil your requirement due to any number of reason fron technicality, incompatibility with our company ethos, inability to meet deadline, we will make you aware and you can immediately take your idea elsewhere. All discussion regarding the piece is kept private. This applies strictly to scientific illustration category, where unpublished data or ideas need to be treated with care.

- Experienced and versatile with styles.

may not be able to afford an original painting, but a bunch of postcards may brighten someone's day. A selection of paper types for prints.

We donate a percentage of the profits to artistic endeavours 

Our art is both using traditional media and more modern takes such as mixed media. Remembering your roots and cultural heritage. of thought in scientific discussions. 

A sight that can provide relief and joy.

Optimism and seeing beauty in the little things around us. Living with our senses turned up.

Bridge the gap between the disciplines of art, science and education.

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